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the Who, Why, What and How of Performance-driven Ads.

Brand Visual Identity

Competitors’ Analysis

Defining Communication Routes

Funnel-Wise Creative Approach

Creatives Performance Analysis

Data Insights & Learnings

AB Testing

While tapping into a wide audience base, it becomes important to try different approaches to see what works and performs the best. We use AB testing to help deliver the best results through:

  • Strategic creative copies.
  • Relevant CTAs for more clicks.
  • Multiple creative variants to analyze and optimize the ad campaigns for maximum output.

Dynamic Creative Optimization

Using dynamic creative optimization, we help deliver more relevant and performance-driven ad experiences through:

  • Targeting the apt audience.
  • Using variations on the ads.
  • Personalized messages for users.

Mobile-First (MFC) Approach

Mobiles have revolutionized the consumption of content and have enhanced the effectiveness of ads. We harness our expertise to get the best out of Mobile-first (MFC) approach through:

  • More video assets focusing on vertical alignment.
  • Thumb-stopping content.
  • Unique and relevant content/creatives designed for specific platforms.

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